Holistic Wellness Coaching

The modern lifestyle, which enhances stress, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, disturbed sleep, reduced social relationships, contact with nature and time with ourselves, has increased the appearance of chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.), mortality and therefore the need for wellness coaching.

But what does wellness mean?


Wellness in Greek is called Evexia, and it means the good habit.


Many believe that wellness is only achieved through diet and exercise. Of course, both factors are important, but wellness is not just about physical health.

What we should all understand is that wellness is a more general feeling, an inner radiance of health, harmony, strength and beauty . It concerns the state of man as a whole, as a living being (body-mind-soul), and not the absence of any disease or pathology.

According to the definition of the non-profit organization National Wellness Institute , which deals exclusively with the promotion of Wellness throughout the world, wellness is defined as “a permanent and energetic process in which every person understands and learns that there are choices (healthy choices- habits) that can lead him towards a longer and high quality of life, towards a general well-being.”

According to this definition, every clinically “ill” means that he does not have to be lacking wellness, as of course it means that every “healthy” is not necessary feeling good in his everyday life if he chooses a wrong or inappropriate way of life.

Wellness is not a static situation. It has gradations and levels just like the disease. It is purely a question of personal choices, choices that respond to every persons particular and deeper needs: physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, occupational, environmental, etc.

    What is Holistic Wellness Coaching?

    Holistic Wellness Coaching approaches each person in a holistic way, helping it to balance its three dimensions (body – mind – soul) and also itself with the environment in which it lives and associates.

    Following also the techniques of life coaching , helps you make the right physical and mental changes to ensure your health and longevity. It is the supportive bridge between the health professional’s indications and your commitment for change and discipline. Of course this does not mean that you have to get sick to visit a wellness coach. Instead, you can begin adopting to a new way of living and thinking, that will provide you with better health before the unpleasant moment where the results of a test will change your life.
    Wellness coaching carefully examines the following areas of your life: spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, physical, occupational, explaining to you how these areas can affect your health and helps you make the changes required in each one of them to find the balance, strength, resilience, health and beauty that are hidden within you. A change in you affects the people around you and contributes in the creation of a better and healthier society.

    Wellness coaching as well as life coaching may have become widely known in recent decades but their roots lie in ancient Greece. Socrates, with his method, gave the modern coach the basic tool of his work, the questions, while Hippocrates “the father of modern medicine” was the first wellness coach. His primary concern was, through the wellness practices he taught, to prevent the disease and to help humans remain healthy.

    “Prevention is better than cure”

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

    “Our body has the ability to self-heal. It is of utmost importance: Nutrition, exercise, environment, lifestyle, and way of thinking.”

    Hippocrates 460-377 BC

    If your goal is to:

    • improve your body image and physical condition
    • learn how to eat according to what suits your body
    • reduce stress levels
    • learn how to breathe correclty
    • increase your energy and vitality levels
    • increase your resilience to the challenges of everyday life
    • learn to hear what your body says
    • think and experience positive emotions
    • feel good about yourself and your choices
    • increase your fertility
    • reduce the damaging effects of premature aging and maintain your youthfulness
    • improve your health and increase your longevity

    Start wellness coaching today… don’t let your life and health be driven by luck… learn to self-regulate and care for yourself.


    If you really want it, you can have good health and wellness.

    Take a few minutes and ask yourself:

    “Where do I put the value of my life?”

    “What life do I choose to live ? With what quality?”


    Knowledge is the first step towards health, the second is determination and the third is your commitment to new habits that you have to establish.


    The choice is always yours…

    People show tremendous discipline towards illness treatments than to wellness practises that will keep them away from them.

    Anita Zachou

    The key to wellness is to understand that you have responsibility for your own health and well-being
    Anita Zachou

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