I am Anita Zachou, a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach.

My life’s goal is to help people to get to know themselves better, reach their targets, live their lives with more health, wellness, fulfilment and happiness.

I strongly believe that anyone who is in peace with himself can be in peace also with others, and this will enhance the creation of a functional family and, at the end, a better society. This is my little contribution in building a better world.

I believe:

In the power within us

The strength of the human soul is endless. When we actually find what is meaningful to each one of us, then we can find the strength to achieve it and go against all odds if necessary.

In our heart’s intelligence

Our heart’s intuitive intelligence always knows what is good for us and can recognize the right path. If we align our three dimensions (body, soul, mind), we’ll be able to hear it and live a life with less inner conflicts and achieve both spiritual and physical health.

That everything happens for a reason

I see life as a journey, not as a destination. Whatever happens, happens for our own education and development. Everything changes and nothing is eternal. Letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore and welcoming the new will make life more interesting and fulfilling.

That fortune favors the bold

…and those who are able to get out of their comfortness! Beyond our comfort zone there is always a better life waiting to be discovered. By taking risks (always with an action plan), we have better chances of getting what we want than living in already known patterns & habits.

In the power of nature and Hippocratic Philosophy

Humans are part of nature. When our lifestyle is in harmony with nature, we can earn only benefits.

Hippocrates continues to be ”up to date” with his holistic approach to human health, teaching that the way we live our lives will bring us closer to health or illness.


I dream of a world where people feel good with themselves, are grateful for their life and their smile illuminates all around.

Let me tell you a little bit about my personal story that might help you decide If I am the right coach for you.

Learn more about me
I was born in Athens and I feel very lucky and proud to be Greek. The beauty of Greece is the biggest wellness source for me.

My parents divorced when I was in a very young age, therefore, feelings like safety and security were never granted to me. I learned to take care of myself and adjust to any kind of change. I developed very strong emotional sensors, and thus the ability to understand other people’s needs and emotional void.

My life went on with lots of searching and self-awareness. Many difficulties, changes, risks but also a great deal of success (career changes, relocations, cohabitations, separations, a divorce and moving to an island). All these have proved me undoubtedly that without risk, you can can’t hope achieving a better life for yourself.

Through all the hard times that I went through, there has been a personal trait that helped me move forward and will continue to do so as long as I live. And that is being consistent with myself and with my heart desires. That means that when my soul doesn’t feel well, I spread my wings and fly away. I hear, observe, listen to my heart, set my action plan and change for the better. Fearlessly and passionately.

I studied Agronomy because I love nature, and I practiced this profession for several years. However, sales and education won me over in the end, since their main component is communication, which I deeply love. I worked as a Corporate Events Organizer specializing in outdoor events & activities (team buildings, training, incentive trips, conferences), and it was a job I really enjoyed because made people feel better, relax, and get closer to their true self. Nature always contributes to this.

Later on, I was in charge of the Training Department in the most famous Greek Natural Cosmetics company (Apivita) for almost a decade. There I combined my sales and training experience with my love for nature and beauty. I was introduced to the Hippocratic philosophy, to the natural way of living and to what true wellness means.

I have delivered seminars to hundreds of people about the value of nature in beauty, as well as the importance of balance between body, mind and soul, able to provide us with a better quality of life.

At one point, the desire to help people around me began to grow, my calling became clear and so I decided to study life & wellness coaching. Later on, I left my 9-5 job, although very satisfied, to devote myself entirely to it; to coach all these people who want to improve their lives and need support.

I feel very happy when I manage to help people discover their beauty within and live their lives with more happiness, fulfilment, health and wellness.

Be yourself and move forward…


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