Holistic Beauty Coaching

To obtain and preserve beauty has been a major concern for women and men over centuries.
Beauty depends on the physical characteristics that everyone carries, but to a greater extent on the feeling of harmony, happiness, radiance, freshness, and health that reflects on the face but also on the human being as a whole. To achieve this, there is a need for emotional, mental and physical health and balance.


The ancient Greeks first praised “Kallos”, the natural beauty that comes from within us and is reflected in our face and our whole being. In ancient Greece a beautiful body was a proof element of a wonderful mind.

It is known now that the factors contributing to the delay of aging are not just good cosmetics, but the lifestyle that you choose to follow. We age 70% more from premature aging (oxidative stress) than from chronic aging. Therefore diet, sleep, stress, mindset and exercise are the main factors that one needs to improve in order to achieve the desired health and beauty.

What is Holistic Beauty Coaching?

Is the type of coaching that helps you learn how to better care for your skin, hair and your entire body in order to achieve the image you wish for yourself.

Why Holistic? Because it focuses not only on your external image but also on what you feel and think. It treats you holistically (body-soul-spirit) and using wellness coaching techniques helps you improve the way you live and behave yourself in order to achieve glow and beauty both internally and externally.

Through Holsitic Beauty Coaching you will learn:

  • How your lifestyle affects your beauty and what you can do to improve it.
  • How your skin works and why it is one of the most valuable organs of your body.
  • The daily and weekly necessary skin care steps for healthy and glowing skin.
  • How to properly care for your skin, hair and body according to their needs.
  • How to choose the right cosmetics for you.
  • What does premature aging mean, how it affects you and what you can do to hold it back.
  • How to read your cosmetic product’s labels and why you should avoid certain ingredients.
  • Foods and ingredients that give you health, wellness, glow and longevity.
  • All the truth about aesthetic interventions. Do’s and don’ts.
  • How to prepare properly and glow on your wedding day.
  • How to make the make-up that highlights your natural beauty.


The glow that starts from the inside out is the glow that lasts!

Combining my long experience in natural cosmetics industry with my professional activity as a wellness coach, I help you learn how to better care for yourself holistically and to improve the areas of your life that cause you difficulties and steal from your beauty and vitality.

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