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My parents divorced when I was eight years old, so from a very early age I faced what is called “character mismatch”. In my childish eyes it was inexplicable why two people who have been in love, married and given birth to a child, do not want to be together anymore, and this remained a concern of mine for many years. Growing up I realized that this issue is deeper and more complicated and that our intimate relationships are those who scratch our wounds and reveal the void of our soul. After 15 years on the self-knowledge path, many relationships, cohabitations, relocations and a divorce I have understood what are the difficulties but also what are the skills needed for a relationship to survive in time with love and happiness. I think it is my mission to help couples build successful relationships where they will raise, lovingly and respectfully, healthy children, and so they will contribute to the creation of a better world, because family is the starting point.

What is relationship coaching?

It is the kind of coaching that helps couples improve their relationship and communication or singles to discover what they are looking for in a relationship, how to achieve it, and how to create a successful relationship when it occurs.


Divorce is like tooth decay: it can be completely avoided if you have the right skills and habits. Unfortunately, most people didn’t grow up with good patterns and healthy examples of relationships within their family. We are largely the product of single parent families, broken or unhappy ones, or of marriages that we would not have wished even to our worst enemy.

How to learn oral hygiene from parents with damaged teeth?

As we are not born knowing what is oral hygiene, we are not born knowing how to relate with our partner, to enhance intimacy, passion, respect, and peace in a relationship. Fortunately, every person can learn all these skills and use them to create trust, affection, and deeper connection with their partner.

Relationship coaching can help people and couples build successful relationships based on love, honesty and respect.

With the help of a coach you will discover what you are really looking for in a relationship, what are the limits that best served you, you will learn what a healthy relationship means, strengthen your self-esteem, identify and learn how to maintain a successful relationship that fills you with security, love and fulfilment.

Through relationship coaching you will find that you can’t change anyone but yourself. If you change first, you will be surprised with the level of change around you. By adopting new behaviors, you become the inspiration for your partner and you can build the relationship you are dreaming of.

Through Relationship Coaching you will discover:

  • how to attract your ideal partner
  • why you do not attract a relationship
  • how to be yourself in every new acquaintance you do
  • how to improve your existing relationship
  • what do you expect from a relationship
  • how to set your limits
  • how to stay yourself in the relationship
  • how not to lose contact with your partner after having children
  • how to boost your self-confidence
  • methods to keep your relationship alive and successful over time

Discover the effectiveness of relationship coaching through a free session

Your other half is within yourself. First of all, love yourself and remember that two whole unities can create a healthy & happy relationship. Stop searching for your other “half” and look for the “whole” that you can grow and flourish with.
Anita Zachou

A healthy relationship doesn’t drag you down; it inspires you to become better
Anita Zachou

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