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I want to be happy

Most people believe that happiness is somewhere out there and they spend most of their lives looking for it around them, when, in fact, happiness lives within us. Only if we are in peace with ourselves we feel fulfilment and happiness and only then we can attract people and situations that will come to enhance this feeling of happiness and fulfilment that we already feel.

“Trying to find happiness outside of yourself is like trying to hand on a cloud” Chinese proverb

Life coaching helps you find out what makes you happy and go for it.

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I want to be a beauty

Real beauty comes from within us. When there is inner harmony then it is reflected in your face and body.

Through Holistic Beauty Coaching you will learn how to treat your skin properly in order to have a beautiful, healthy and youthful skin both on your face and body. You will also learn that the way you choose to live, can bring you closer to premature aging or longevity.

By improving your lifestyle you can reverse the processes of premature aging, and offer to your face & body health, glow and youthfulness for many years.

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I want to love myself

Really how much do you love and respect yourself?
Before answering, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often do I compare myself to others?
  • When I look myself in the mirror what do I see? Imperfections to be improved or pure beauty?
  • What does my inner voice is telling me when I make mistakes? How often do I punish myself?
  • How many times a day do I say ‘yes’ when what I really want to say is ‘no’?
  • How many times, have I tolerated people that have never loved or cared for me because I am afraid of ending up alone?
  • How much do I think or take care of my own body every time I feed it with unhealthy products or when I never exercise it?


By answering these questions honestly you should know for sure where you stand, how much you love yourself and how high you place your personal value.

Your most precious asset is yourself in all its three dimensions: your body – your soul – and your spirit. Improving your relationship with yourself and taking care of it will give you health, inner peace, balance and fulfilment for the rest of your life.

What do you think, do you worth a try?

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I want to manage stress

You may have heard that stress causes all sorts of disorders.

Do you really understand how this can happen?

How do you feel when you are stressed? What do you do to feel better?

Unfortunately, most people are stressed all day and don’t know it because they just don’t realize it. They are accustomed to living in a state of “alarm” and believe that this is normal.


Did you know that stress?

  • Changes the entire biochemistry of the body and causes hormonal changes
  • Is the leading cause of many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, hypertension
  • Effects the immune system’s functions
  • Increases the premature aging of the skin and the body in general
  • Causes obesity
  • Causes infertility
  • Reduces clarity and performance
  • Reduces memory and learning ability
  • Makes the smartest people do stupid things
  • Causes bad communication between people and destroys social relationships

How would you feel if you had the tools to help you reduce your stress levels, learn how to self-regulate daily, become more resilient to the challenges of everyday life, increase the performance and overall the health of your body?

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I want to improve my relationship

Being able to build a happy relationship with your partner is perhaps one of the greatest challenges in today’s life. But a greater challenge is to keep this happy relationship alive over time.

To achieve that some specific skills are required, which unfortunately most of us do not learn from our families. As a result, we go searching and testing and most of the time with disappointing results.

But it is never too late to wake up passion and restore love between you and your partner. You can enjoy a happier and stronger relationship as long as you know how.

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I want to be productive

Stress and poor time management dramatically reduce performance whether it concerns your professional life or whatever you are expected to do every day.

Stress affects the ability to work and more importantly, to work productively. Globally, more than 260 million people live with anxiety disorders. A recent study by the World Health Organization estimates that stress costs the world economy a $ 1 trillion a year in terms of productivity loss.

We have come to this life, for better or for worse, for a certain amount of time. How we manage it and how we choose to use it, and ultimately how we live our life, depend only on us. We are the architects of our lives. Only if we appreciate how valuable our time is, we will learn to use it to our advantage.

If you want to learn to:

  • set your priorities
  • manage your time correctly
  • draw up a plan of work and be faithful to it
  • manage stress
  • increase your own or your group’s productivity

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I want to manage weight

Maintaining ideal weight is one of the most important indicators of good health. Of course it is not the only one. Stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and negative self-criticism are among the major factors in fat accumulation in the body. When our body begins to change shape the new image we see does not satisfy us. If fat accumulation results in obesity, which is considered a serious disease, then the problem is not only aesthetic, but becomes a very serious health issue. Obesity can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, some forms of cancer, depression and many others, thus greatly increasing mortality. The relation between obesity and mortality has been known since the time of Hippocrates. According to the World Health Organization, the risk of premature death is 12 times higher for obese people.

Maintaining ideal weight increases self-confidence and health. But it should be understood that having a beautiful but healthy body is not just a matter of diet and exercise. It is the adoption of a more natural and balanced way of living. Through wellness coaching you will learn all these factors that need to be in balance and harmony in order to have the body you want but also to ensure better health and longevity.

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I want to develop myself

When you hear about personal development what exactly comes to your mind? How have you imagined your own personal development?

Personal development is an evolutionary process towards personal excellence. It is the opposite of compromising on mediocrity. If you look around what will you see, mediocrity or excellence? And now ask yourself ‘where do I want to be’?

What others expect of you is not really important, what is important, however, is what you expect from yourself. At the end of the day, personal development is a personal pursuit. For some people this pursuit is very boring or useless and is not worth it. Another category of people demands more of itself and has the thirst for searching and evolving.

So, for those people, learning by experience can also provide them with a lesson of how to become the best version of themselves. This includes:

  • discovering who you really are and what you like to do
  • loving yourself for what it is
  • taking responsibility for your life
  • believing in yourself and your talents
  • realizing your dreams
  • finding happiness within you instead of seeking for it elsewhere

Do not forget to enjoy this trip because personal development and evolution is only the journey, the final destination remains unknown even to you.

Learn more about life coaching and how it can help you on your journey…

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I want to be mindful

Has it ever happened to you to drive and suddenly realize that you don’t remember anything from the route you have driven? Or eating your food and suddenly see your plate empty and not remember when you ate it?

These are just some examples of the absence of consciousness, a mental state that could be described as an “autopilot”. When we enter this state (and unfortunately it consists of 47% of the time we are awake) our mind wanders around in various thoughts, situations, pending things and we are not actually ‘present’ at that moment, we are virtually absent from our lives.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness means that we have, at any given moment, conscious knowledge of our thoughts, our emotions, our physical senses and the environment around us.

We live in a busy world with a lot of technology and distractions and it’s very easy to get into the “automatic pilot” state and lose most of our time every day. So we miss the opportunity to enjoy the simple, beautiful moments of life, listen to what our interlocutor really tells us, and most importantly to hear the messages that our body is sending us.

We are trapped in a mechanical way of life that can be harmful to ourselves but also to others (9 out of 10 road accidents are caused by distraction). We are entering the flow of “I have to do” and we do not live the present moment. The result is a life without fulfilment, harmony and happiness and living like this we are more vulnerable to stress, anger, depression and negative reactivity

Many years of reliable scientific studies have proven the benefits of mindfulness.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?:

  • Better brain function
  • Better immune function
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower heart rate
  • Increase of awareness and self-awareness (where I am, how I feel, what I want and why)
  • Increase of attention and concentration
  • Increase of clarity in thought and perception
  • Lower levels of anxiety
  • Inner tranquility and peace
  • Increase of emotional flexibility and resillience
  • Stimulation of self-confidence
  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction of physical and psychological symptoms of depression
  • Increase of intuition
  • Better quality of life and health

Mindfulness training is done through techniques and tools of HeartMath Institute and differs from all mindfulness programs in the market, because is the only program that provides special devices that monitor your coherence level at any time.

 The HeartMath program is ideal for individuals and corporate executives – teams.

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I want to increase my fertility

Human reproduction is a complex process where a multitude of factors should function properly in order to achieve a pregnancy.

In recent decades, more and more couples choose in-vitro fertilization. One of the main reasons is that most modern women start thinking to have a baby at the age of 35 and over, where fertility as known starts to decrease.

Other important factors of infertility are:

  • excessive stress that disrupts hormonal balance in women and men and reduces greatly their fertility levels
  • excessive weight, as well as the extremely low weight of a woman
  • smoking ; infertility rates are higher in smokers compared to non-smokers ; toxins produced in the body of a smoker lead to faster loss of ovules and hormonal disturbances
  • certain drugs and toxic substances
  • excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee is associated with low sperm quality in men and reduced female fertility
  • certain nutritional deficiencies (e.g., lack of folic acid) have been associated with decreased fertility or abnormalities after conception
  • certain infections, mainly transmitted by sexual intercourse
  • painful, long-hours of daily physical exercise in women is associated with a decreasment in fertility. Women athletes show a higher percentage of menstruation cycle disorders and lower fertility rates during periods of strenuous exersice

A healthy conception and pregnancy begins much earlier, so couples wishing to have a baby should begin their proper preparation at least 3-6 months in advance. The more harmonically the body works and the more prepared it is, the better are the chances of a healthy conception, should no other pathological factors exist.

Wellness coaching can help couples prepare physically, nutritionally and emotionally, whether they are going for an in-vitro fertilization or a natural conception.

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I want to achieve my goals

Many times, when simply envisioning something that we want, we believe we have set our goals. When the “goal” is not achieved, we are disappointed and we start negative self-criticism. This endless process can continue for many years, perhaps for all our lives, contributing to low self-esteem and frustration.
We should know that a wish is not an goal. A goal has specific characteristics and is achieved by initially setting the plan of action and then remaining faithful to it.

Life Coaching is the process through which you will see what you really want, how to set your goals and create the plan to achieve them. Your coach will be next to you all the way by providing you the right tools, supporting you and reminding you of the commitment you have taken to reach your goal.

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’

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I want to eat better

“Your medicine is your food and your food is your medicine,” said Hippocrates 2,500 years ago, setting the foundations for most of today’s holistic – alternative therapies. Doctors worldwide, nutritionists, therapists, health consultants refer to proper nutrition as the ultimate “secret” of health and longevity.

Following a balanced diet, based on your needs is perhaps the greatest proof that you love and respect yourself.


If you know how to feed yourself properly, you will pass the knowledge to your children and those to their own. So you can help in building a world with less diseases, and better health and wellness.

Wellness coaching will help you learn healthy, simple and easy to apply eating tips and offer to yourself a beautiful, but above all, a healthy body and spirit.

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I want to learn self-care

To the question, “How much do you take care of yourself?” unfortunately, most people would answer “little to not at all”. The first and most common excuse is: ” I do not have time ”. But is that really true? Don’t you have time to take care of yourself and fill your inner battery? Or you are not one of your priorities? Where will you find the energy to achieve what you are expected to do daily? To have an excellent performance in your daily job, to build a good relationship with your child and your partner, to chase your dreams if you are empty?

Can you drink from an empty cup? Can you offer to yourself and to those around you if you are empty? And if you finally find the strength and manage to give something, how happy or angry do you feel afterwards?

Self-care, is a proof that we love and respect ourselves and also is the essential element of wellness. By taking care of ourselves, we fill our inner battery with energy, we are more resilient and healthy and we feel more confident and stronger in order to achieve what we want in our lives and build a good health for the future.

Through wellness coaching you will learn what self-care means and how you can give yourself daily the nessesary care in order to be mentally and physically healthy and balanced.

And remember if you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anyone.

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I want to be more Resilient

Resilience is the ability to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity while enhancing our mental wellness.
Just imagine resilience as a battery that empties or fills depending on how we feel every day.

The sectors from which we lose energy are:

  • The physical
  • The mental
  • The emotional and
  • The spiritual


People usually lose more energy from the emotional sector.

Learning simple techniques that can be applied every day and everywhere, help you fill your inner battery, be more resilient to the challenges of everyday life and build a better health. 

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I want to find inner balance

Inner balance allows personal growth and is one of the most valuable goods.

Finding your inner balance (spiritual peace or serenity) can itself be a very important life goal. It depends on nothing but ourselves and it is useless to look for it in things outside of us. Inner peace is the release from stress, chaos and disorder. The one who has inner peace lives without conflict and is self-sufficient.

Inner balance is achieved when our three dimensions (body, soul and mind) work in harmony and synchrony.

It is the natural state to which everyone should be and is very important for the survival of modern people.

When there is inner balance we can work much better by achieving:

  • of stress
  • of competitiveness towards others
  • of internal conflicts and self-criticism
  • of the feeling of anxiety
  • of anger
  • of diseases (particularly autoimmune diseases)

  • of mental clarity and better judgement
  • of spiritual search and development
  • of quality of health and wellness
  • of resillience and performance
  • of self-confidence
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I want to manage my time

We live in a world full of distractions. So, quite often, you wonder how fast the time has passed and how little you have managed to do in comparison to what you have originally planned. If you feel that the 24 hours of the day are not enough for what you want to do, bare in mind that you are not alone.

The modern rhythms of life have made most people run in panic, filling them with anxiety while trying to execute the dozens of daily actions that need to be done, both at work and at home. Proper time management saves both time and money and helps you feel joy, fulfilment and increase your self-esteem.

Through life coaching you will learn all the techniques that you need, to manage your time properly and have less distraction in order to be able to accomplish the tasks you have on a daily basis, while avoiding frustration and negative self-criticism by the end of the day.

We have come to this life, for better or for worse, for a certain amount of time. How we manage it and how we choose to use it, and ultimately how we will live our life, depend only on us. Only if we appreciate how valuable our time is, we will learn to use it to our advantage.

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