Wellness in Mykonos

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this summer let your souvenirs be not only photos but knowledge & techniques that will transform your everyday life back home.
Make your trip to Mykonos a life-changing experience by attending our unique wellness programs or taking a personal coaching session.

Knowledge is the first step towards health, beauty, wellness & longevity…

Seminars in MYKONOS 2018

Stress-less Living

Build Personal Resilience – Build a Happy Life

Live from the Heart

Discover your heart’s intuitive intelligence and live with inner peace

Be Mindful

The art of living consciously

Holistic Beauty & Wellness

9+1 steps for stunning inner & outer beauty

Hippocratic Ritual for Health & Wellness

a 2.500 years old ancient Greek practice that can improve your health, wellness & longevity today

Custom-Made Wellness

Our team is ready to prepare the most effective custom-made seminar or team-building event for your people

Aromatherapy Workshop

Learn the aromatherapy basics and make your own cosmetic product!

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Change your life today by choosing one of our seminars and offer yourself the chance to take control of your own health and well-being.




From June to September all the above seminars take place every morning from 10am to 12pm, on the island of Mykonos at Castle Panigirakis in a specially designed area. This area of stunning view and vibrant energy is the most ideal location for attending our life-changing wellness seminars & private sessions.


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