I am Anita Zachou, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach.
Through my work, I help people discover themselves, achieve their goals and live their lives with more health, wellness, beauty, fulfilment and happiness.

I am Anita Zachou, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach. Through my work, I help people discover themselves, achieve their goals and live their lives with more health, wellness, beauty, fulfilment and happiness.

Every human being is a unique entity with different concerns. By combining my long – versatile experience with tools from the following coaching types, I will help you discover and achieve your personal goal.

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I want to…

be happy

Most people believe that happiness is somewhere out there and they spend most of their lives looking for it around them, when, in fact, happiness lives within us. Only if we are in peace with ourselves we feel fulfilment and happiness and only then we can attract people and situations that will come to enhance this feeling of happiness and fulfilment that we already feel.


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manage stress

You may have heard that stress causes all sorts of disorders.

Do you really understand how this can happen?

How do you feel when you are stressed? What do you do to feel better?

Unfortunately, most people are stressed all day and don’t know it because they just don’t realize it. They are accustomed to living in a state of “alarm” and believe that this is normal.


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improve my relationship

Being able to build a happy relationship with your partner is perhaps one of the greatest challenges in today’s life. But a greater challenge is to keep this happy relationship alive over time.

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achieve my goals

Many times, when simply envisioning something that we want, we believe we have set our goals. When the “goal” is not achieved, we are disappointed and we start negative self-criticism. This endless process can continue for many years, perhaps for all our lives, contributing to low self-esteem and frustration.


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be more resilient

Resilience is the ability to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity while enhancing our mental wellness.

Just imagine resilience as a battery that empties or fills depending on how we feel every day.


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be a beauty

Real beauty comes from within us. When there is inner harmony then it is reflected in your face and body. Through Holistic Beauty Coaching you will learn how to treat your skin properly in order to have a beautiful, healthy and youthful skin both on your face and body. You will also learn that the way you choose to live, can bring you closer to premature aging or longevity.


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be productive

Stress and poor time management dramatically reduce performance whether it concerns your professional life or whatever you are expected to do every day.


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be mindful

Has it ever happened to you to drive and suddenly realize that you don’t remember anything from the route you have driven? Or eating your food and suddenly see your plate empty and not remember when you ate it?

These are just some examples of the absence of consciousness, a mental state that could be described as an “autopilot”. When we enter this state (and unfortunately it consists of 47% of the time we are awake) our mind wanders around in various thoughts, situations, pending things and we are not actually ‘present’ at that moment, we are virtually absent from our lives.


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eat better

“Your medicine is your food and your food is your medicine,” said Hippocrates 2,500 years ago, setting the foundations for most of today’s holistic – alternative therapies. Doctors worldwide, nutritionists, therapists, health consultants refer to proper nutrition as the ultimate “secret” of health and longevity.


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find inner balance

Inner balance allows personal growth and is one of the most valuable goods.

Finding your inner balance (spiritual peace or serenity) can itself be a very important life goal. It depends on nothing but ourselves and it is useless to look for it in things outside of us. Inner peace is the release from stress, chaos and disorder. The one who has inner peace lives without conflict and is self-sufficient.

Inner balance is achieved when our three dimensions (body, soul and mind) work in harmony and synchrony.

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love myself

Really how much do you love and respect yourself?

Before answering, ask yourself the following questions…

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manage weight

Maintaining ideal weight is one of the most important indicators of good health. Of course it is not the only one. Stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and negative self-criticism are among the major factors in fat accumulation in the body. When our body begins to change shape the new image we see does not satisfy us.


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increase my fertility

Human reproduction is a complex process where a multitude of factors should function properly in order to achieve a pregnancy.

In recent decades, more and more couples choose in-vitro fertilization. One of the main reasons is that most modern women start thinking to have a baby at the age of 35 and over, where fertility as known starts to decrease.


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learn self-care

To the question, “How much do you take care of yourself?” unfortunately, most people would answer “little to not at all”. The first and most common excuse is: ” I do not have time ”. But is that really true? Don’t you have time to take care of yourself and fill your inner battery? Or you are not one of your priorities? Where will you find the energy to achieve what you are expected to do daily? To have an excellent performance in your daily job, to build a good relationship with your child and your partner, to chase your dreams if you are empty ?


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manage my time

We live in a world full of distractions. So, quite often, you wonder how fast the time has passed and how little you have managed to do in comparison to what you have originally planned. If you feel that the 24 hours of the day are not enough for what you want to do, bare in mind that you are not alone.


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