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Olive Oil Producers & Mills

From Harvest & Production to International Markets.


Creating an Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not so difficult. Creating a high-end Extra Virgin Olive Oil that wins awards in International Olive Oil Competitions (IOOC's) and will be included in the list of the world's best is a challenging job. It is art, science, experience, and technology altogether. Having the knowledge, expertise, and the right partners we help you achieve your goal. Creating a unique product that will leave its mark in the international markets.

Our services to the producer, olive oil companies & mills include:

  • Study and optimization of the facilities and milling procedures.

  • Consulting on choosing the optimal time and equipment to harvest.

  • Training of the Olive Oil mill employees on best elaboration practices to achieve the desired level of quality.

  • Analysis of the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oils produced.

  • Chemical analysis (in cooperation with IOC-accredited laboratories).

  • Evaluation of Olive Oil samples to participate in national and international olive oil quality competitions.

  • Development of Olive Oil Blends.

  • Creation of a new Olive Oil product and brand or rebranding of an existing one.

  • New product launch events.

  • Food pairing combinations for your own Olive Oil.

  • Label text creation & Labeling requirements for different international markets.

  • Consulting on promoting the brand on Social Media & specialized content creation.

  • Text creation for your brand's identity and product description for your website.

  • Product participation in the tastings of Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting, product presentation on the blog, social media, and giveaways.

  • Interview and video creation for your brand on my Youtube channel


Mykonos Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Tourism in Mykonos

Gain Worldwide Brand Recognition by Joining the

Team of our Selected Partners & Supporters

Product Participation in our Olive Oil Tasting


Product Participation in Private & Exclusive Olive Oil Tasting Events

Get your product photo shooted & featured on our Webpage & Social Media

Become a star

supporter & help us create ambassadors of Greek Olive Oil Worldwide!


Culinary Professionals

Training workshops and consulting services to the food industry, including chefs, restaurant owners, cooking schools, and importers aiming to help them discover and use properly the most valuable ingredient nature has offered them.

All workshops can be held at your place of business and will teach you practical concepts and skills that can be put to use immediately.

  • Training culinary professionals to taste, evaluate, store, and use olive oil in their kitchens.

  • Chef’s training on how to pair different varieties & intensities of olive oil with food in order to create unique combinations and memorable dishes.

  • Creation of Olive Oil-based menus.

  • Consulting and creation of private-label olive oils & olive products for restaurants.

  • Evaluation of Olive Oil quality for restaurants in order to make the right purchasing decisions.

  • Creation of an in-house Olive Oil Bar or trolley for fine dining restaurants & training of a selected person from the staff to serve as an Olive Oil Sommelier.

  • Creation of Olive Oil tasting activities for your guests while on the table.

  • Development of Olive Oil Tasting Events.

  • Delivering Olive Oil Tasting and Food Pairing courses to cooking schools & chefs to be.


A restaurant using Extra Virgin Olive Oil of high quality is a restaurant that respects its guests, its culture, and the purpose it serves.

Consumers, Foodies, 
Gastronomy & Wellness Enthusiasts

Learning to taste, select and pair olive oil with food is one of the most valuable pieces of knowledge that you can offer to yourself since olive oil is not only a main culinary ingredient consumed every day but a unique & precious health, beauty & wellness elixir, when is of great quality.

Group, Private & Online Workshops & Seminars:

  • Olive Oil from A to Z

  • Olive Oil Tasting

  • Olive Oil & Food Pairing

  • Mediterranean Diet, Holistic Health, Beauty & Wellness



  • Olive Oil Tasting Events for Schools, Institutes & Cooking Academies

  • Corporate Tasting Events & Gastronomy Themed Team Buildings

  • Tasting Events for Weddings & Social Events, Supply of Olive Oil Based Wedding Favors.

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Olive Oil Wholesalers,
Stores & e-shops

  • Training sales department giving the sales pitch needed for the sale of different olive goods.

  • Intermediation in buying bulk Olive Oil or finding the best Olive Oils of Greece for your store.

  • Text creation of Olive oil & Olive products for online stores.

  • Tasting and evaluation of Olive Oil and olive products in order to make the right purchasing decisions.

  • Olive Oil and food pairing combinations for the products of your store.

  • Olive Oil-based recipe development for your blog.

  • Online Olive Oil tasting workshops & events.

  • Private label olive oil & olive products.


Natural Cosmetic Entrepreneurs

Natural cosmetics are a big trend and Olive Oil is the main ingredient in most of the formulas. My knowledge and experience will provide you with the right tools and services reassuring the total success of your natural cosmetic brand.


  • Testing & Evaluation of your products.

  • Training on skin diagnosis & function, skincare routines, natural beauty philosophy & holistic beauty tips.

  • Training of beauty advisors to give the sales pitch needed for the sale of different cosmetic products.

  • Consulting on the product range, selected ingredients & niche.

  • Collaboration with the best formulators for the development of the formulas.

  • Text creation with the right terminology for packaging, leaflets and websites.

  • Consulting on advertising campaigns & social media marketing.

  • Product launch events.

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