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Discover the

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil with me!

Ideas, Technologies, Training, Products & Services to better create, promote, learn & enjoy this unique gift of Nature

Meet Anita

Agronomist, Expert Olive Oil Taster & Consultant

I was born in Athens, Greece and Olive Oil has been my passion since I remember myself. Coming from an olive oil-producing family from Kalamata, my soul was always filled with great appreciation and admiration for Nature's greatest gift.


Wishing to share my passion for this still unexplored and unique product I work with Olive Oil in many different ways.

I am an Agricultural Engineer, Expert in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting by the University of Jaén in Spain, Olive Oil Production & Quality Assurance Consultant, Educator to Culinary Professionals, Olive Oil Tourism Expert & Pioneer of Alternative Oleotourism (On Yacht Olive Oil Tasting Events Creator), Jury in International Olive Oil Competitions, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Podcaster, Columnist & Trainer.

Anita Zachou
olive oil tasting mykonos anita zachou

What We Specialize In

 Olive Oil Tasting

Seminars & Events

Olive Oil Gastronomy

Olive Oil Tourism

 Olive Oil

New Product Development - Branding

Production & Quality Assurance Consulting   

 Olive Oil Evaluation for Wholesales,

 Stores & e-shops 

Sample Evaluation for International  Competitions (IOOC)

Content Creation for  Botttle Labels, Websites, Blogs, Social Media

& e-shops

Social Media Marketing for Olive Oil Brands

mykonos olive oil tasting anita zachou



My team and I re-discovered our most important cooking ingredient. We never imagined that we know so little about olive oil! We learned how to evaluate its quality, how to use its different categories, how to pair the different varietals with the dishes of our menu plus some amazing combinations that our guests absolutely loved! Anita, with her great passion for olive oil and expertise, is the best person to introduce you to this amazing world called OLIVE OIL!

- Nick Koutsoukos Executive Chef

Soho Roc House Mykonos


Anita is a highly educated professional with deep knowledge of olive oil. Although we sell olive oil every day we knew nothing about it. She taught us how to taste and evaluate olive oil, its quality categories & health benefits, introduced us to new varieties and taught us how to pair them with different foods in order to educate our clients and support our sales in the best way by proposing to each one the most suitable olive oil for his needs. 

         - Ioanna Rodopoulou

SAVVAS Delicatessen

My collaboration with Anita is a happy occasion from which I feel that I found an excellent collaborator with the same passion for quality Greek products.

Her professionalism, her love for olive oil, her boundless talent for new ideas, high aesthetics and excellence that are ideally combined with her knowledge for holistic wellness create a perfect combination of a consultant and partner equivalent with the high standards of


- Xenophon Liapakis

We have collaborated with Anita for 3 years on our EVOO project. Anita has always been a catalyst for excellence in all aspects of our association. Her passion and commitment to the highest standards have helped my wife and I create very high-quality, award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

From the first time we met, we found Anita to be very knowledgeable and a great team player as we started creating our brand and our EVOO. When we decided to build our own mill Anita was instrumental in assisting with design and providing guidance in the final mill equipment selection and purchase.

Anita is ambitious and committed to the idea that excellent EVOO is worth striving for and bringing education to the world is a mission and challenge she loves.

Mark Colin

Founder of Oro di Milas EVOO

mykonos olive oil tasting seminar

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