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Olive Oil Education

Olive Oil Education

Learning to taste, select and pair olive oil with food is one of the most valuable pieces of knowledge that you can offer to yourself since olive oil is not only a main culinary ingredient consumed every day but a unique & precious health, beauty & wellness elixir - only when it is of high quality.


Learn to Taste

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Join Anita on a journey of discovery from the comfort of your home!

Olive Oil has been the most important culinary ingredient for Greeks since ancient times.

Homer called it the “Liquid Gold” and Hippocrates the “Great Healer”.

It is considered the most healthy fat on earth, containing loads of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins.

It is the core element of the Mediterranean Diet.

It accompanies our lives every day during our lifespan.

It is Mother Nature’s greatest gift to humanity.








Olive Oil is originally from the Mediterranean Basin but is being produced and consumed in many parts of the world. It is included by The European Parliament in the list of food products most subjected to fraud making people more suspicious when they are about to make buying choices.

This webinar is a great way for all of you who wish to learn everything about Olive Oil, the most delicious, complex, unique, and healthy fat on earth, in order to make good buying choices and enjoy only the best!


Why attend this webinar?

Olive oil is gaining ground & appreciation more and more lately due to its countless health benefits that are being revealed in a never-ending stream of research. Olive oil will help you live longer and healthier they say and that is great news,  but are all olive oils good and healthy?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fruit juice that reflects its terroir much like wine, and chefs around the world are only beginning to discover how to use different olive varieties to elevate their dishes to heights they never imagined.

But something else that has come to the forefront is the importance of choosing a high-quality olive oil to get the full advantage of these benefits. There’s a huge difference between a really great olive oil and one pretending to be. Mislabeled and substandard oils are a major concern for people responsible for making buying choices and for everyday consumers.

Learning everything about Olive Oil will help you appreciate and enjoy it without worrying if the one you bought is good for your health plus you will surprise your family and friends with the amazing EVOO & Food combinations that you will create! 

Olive Oil Education

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